Bridges are all around us.  They can be artistic, old, rugged, beautiful, regularly maintained, crossed over a lot or forgotten.   In some parts of the world, every day people cross over bridges to go somewhere.  They are hard pressed to not go over a bridge from the point they leave their residence to their destination point.  San Francisco is a great example of this--- bridges are a necessary part of daily life. Life has constant bridges: relationships, new & old jobs, spirituality, getting our needs met by having others’ services (like our hairstylist, medical doctors).  Relationships are built with people every day.  Everywhere we go, we initiate and define those bridges.  But what about bridging the gap for ourselves, within ourselves?  Bridges imply, involve, movement from one side to another.  Bridges mean we move forward, gain traction……..we start at one side, the move ourselves forward to the other side, a destination and goal.  We want, need,  to cross to the other end of our bridge. As a mental health therapist, my goal is to help you build bridges within yourself, with others, with God.  I am a Bridge-Builder. My goal is to help you start building the bridges in your life that you need to help move you forward.  Then, come alongside of you and walk that bridge with you.